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310XT for watersports?

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  • 310XT for watersports?


    one of the big attractions with the 310XT was the complete waterproofing. I had the 301 which I loved but unfortunately died after some hard core windsurfing. (Worked great but the design with the flappy plastic plug was bound to fail.)

    I know some windsurfers use the Foretrex 201, but it was not a good choice for me as I am also a runner which will be the primary use.

    Anyway, was ecstatic when the 310XT was announced. It would respond to the two main complaints to the 301 - waterproofing and speed in knots (the 301 only displays speed in kmh.) It could be the perfect device for watersports.

    Well the 310XT is a great design, and finally does show the speed in knots, BUT ONLY THE CURRENT SPEED. I have to go into the history screen to find MAX or AVG. That means I cannot track my highest speed on water whilst going at it.


    Does anyone have any ideas for getting Max, Avg Speed etc view in knots? Clearly the watch can do it, it is just a setting but alas impossible to select from the current data fields. The choices that come up are: Speed, Speed - Avg, Speed - Lap, Speed - Nutical.

    Can we go after Garmin for a firmware update?

    Any other ideas?



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    Same problems, i want answers from garmin on how to configure xt310 for windsurfing!


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      I wanted to keep this topic in the Water sports thread already going:

      The 310xt seems to have been designed with Triathlons in mind: waterproof, longer battery life, individualized setups for Running and Biking (including multiple bikes for training and racing). All great stuff. BUT - where is the Swimming setup? The Other category could work, but I use that for 'other' activities like hiking with the family.

      As a triathlete - I want to see a Swimming added as a class of activity in the FR310XT software, and have "Swimming" added to the Change Sport Menu (displayed while holding down the mode button). I was quite disappointed to find it was not there in the first place.


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        Part of the problem is likely that the .TCX file format only has entries for biking, running, and other. You can use any of the three categories for anything you want, but you can't change the labels in the watch. Note that all 3 bikes use the same data page layout, which in itself is a big hassle. All of this is a limitation it would be really nice if Garmin would remove.


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          try it kitesurfing!


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            as i new to the forum i am doing wind surfing and there is no way to have on display the max speed .

            any solution foud
            good sailing days to all of you.


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              One of the major problems I can see is that in fact you cannot use the "other" mode because of the freeze problems documented elsewhere in this forum.


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                I wouldn't go as far as to say you cannot use the "other" mode because I use that mode 5 days a week ocean paddling and have never had a freeze running the latest firmware. Maybe I'm just lucky (touch wood)


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                  Originally posted by MARTPUR75 View Post
                  I wouldn't go as far as to say you cannot use the "other" mode because I use that mode 5 days a week ocean paddling and have never had a freeze running the latest firmware. Maybe I'm just lucky (touch wood)
                  Don't rely on it unless you hold onto your wood all day. :-)
                  My 310 went for a few weeks with no problem on "other" for non gps activities in the gym.
                  Then suddenly the freeze problem occurred (yes the history had been deleted and there was plenty of memory.)
                  Once bitten twice shy... now I do not use "other" and always have that sinking feeling when I reset my 310 just in case it freezes!
                  I assume that the reason fewer people are reporting the problem is that few people are using other for non gps
                  Is anyone using "other" mode successfully (non gps??) now for several weeks?
                  I have reported the problem to garmin support over a week ago by their web page, including my error logs and have had no response despite their promise to respond within 3 days.
                  If you value your activity data don't close the stable door after the horse has bolted..



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                    Originally posted by STEVEKN View Post
                    One of the major problems I can see is that in fact you cannot use the "other" mode because of the freeze problems documented elsewhere in this forum.
                    Not everybody has freeze problems. We don't. And we use each activity individually or as part of a multisport event or training session.

                    We use 'Other' with gps off in the pool and gps on when open water swimming.

                    We've had two since July last year and are both running 2.7. It is possible that the problems are user error.


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                      Originally posted by PHILIPSHAMBROOK View Post
                      It is possible that the problems are user error.
                      I'm not even going to rise to the bait...
                      As I said all was fine until... there is a a bug which effects some people some time... Garmin' s silence is deafening on their answer to this...

                      Where is a statement from product support

                      I wish it were finger trouble then Garmin would know what the problem is and possible fix it...

                      you have been warned ..just do not cry over spilt milk...


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                        Freeze problem .. is not user error

                        I have also used the device for a couple of months now since my last freeze encounter. My current rules have been...

                        - Use the device in a "simple manner" since the software is flakey so unless the way you use it has been tested it may come to grief. Some things I do and don't:

                        1. Keep the display settings for each mode "similar" to those set by default. So, I change mine to 4 displays but keep the first a general one, the second based on heart rate, the third lap-based etc. In the past I changed these lots. I'm not sure of the config but I always got a crash when changing from "other" to "running". After a freeze and hard reboot and following this rule I've had no issues.

                        2. Let the work out finish and be stopped for a couple of seconds before saving it. Sounds crazy, but from these forums this may be the cause (internally it's not quite ready to save the activity).

                        3. Use multisport and sport types. These by themselves work for me.

                        4. Back up and take data off regularly That said I just returned from being away for about a month and had no issues (even recording plane flights for the sake of it).

                        5. Avoid "small workouts". If you start a work out that's a few seconds long and doesn't really go anywhere and realise you want to restart ... it can cause issues. Best to let it flow. That said this caused by problem today (see next point - which is new).

                        6. Don't delete activities. The last two major freezes happened when I was running low on memory. The first I deleted some activities to ensure room (annoying since I lost a 4 hour workout with a record number of long hill intervals). The second (today) I deleted a 44 second dud workout, then saved a short session just afterwards to get the 3 2 1 freeze ..
                        I will now only delete "all activities" or do a hard reset when the memory becomes full.

                        Well, I'd better do a hard reset. Just wanted to check the forums for an update from 2.70 or to see what was happening. Seems each firmward update is a bit of a gamble. 2.70 works okay for me given the above usage.