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310XT compatible with 301 HR strap?

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  • 310XT compatible with 301 HR strap?


    I have been looking through but not found anything on this. I am the happy owner of a brand new 310XT after my beloved 301 took in water and died. Now, I thought the old strap would work with the new watch but it doesn't seem to detect it.

    I see from the forums that the 305 strap seems to work but how about the 301?

    Any input would be appreciated.

    PS. does anyone know if it makes sense to send the old 301 off to be repaired and maybe become a spare unit?



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    The 301 uses a different HR strap than the later models. Edge 305, Edge 705, Forerunner 305, Forerunner 405, Forerunner 405cx, Forerunner 50, Forerunner 60 and Forerunner 310 can all mix and match their HR straps, but not the 301.
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      Worth repairing a 301?

      Did a little more searching after your kind reply (thanks) and found that given the substantial changes introduced in antenna technology with the 205/305 series there is NO POINT in repairing the 301 whatever the problem is. It is simply an old dog. A dog I had tremendous enjoyment from but never the less, it is no point throwing new money at it anymore.

      See this article for more on the topic 205 vs 301:


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        Good analysis. I would not invest any money into a 301. I thoroughly enjoyed mine as it was cutting edge when I had it, but now there are much better units. The 305 is a very nice solid unit and I still use mine, even though I also have a 310.

        The 205 is a nice unit, too, but only if you're CERTAIN you will never want HR, cadence or foot pod accessories as the 205 just won't talk to those.