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Pressing LAP causes watch to freeze. Lap data in watch is good, but not GC or TC

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  • Pressing LAP causes watch to freeze. Lap data in watch is good, but not GC or TC

    Watch type: 310XT
    Watch FW: 2.6

    Yesterday I was on a bike ride, and was manually recording laps. (Virtual partner: off, AutoLap: off, AutoScroll: off, AutoPause: on). On the third lap, the watch froze after pressing the lap button. I pulled over, did a soft reset, and re-powered on the watch. It seemed like things were OK, but a little further down the road I realized that I thought I had previously seen an time of 2h50m or so, and now the watch was saying 2h10m or so. I thought I just mis-read the watch the first time and continued.

    When I got home, I went for a run, then downloaded all data. (When running, the watch had the same settings as above, but with AutoLap- on.) The data from the ride would not load into TC, even trying to manually load new data, but it did load into GC. (The run data did load into both TC and GC, automatically via ANT.) So I exported the ride data from GC, and loaded it into TC, which worked fine. (Note: no BADFIT files.)

    On looking at the data, I realized that the data in the watch, GC, and TC all said different things with regard to the number of laps, time, distance, etc.

    Time Distance
    40:05 12.14
    46:26 15.46
    43:15 14.53
    43:03 14.10
    42:52 14.10
    43:27 14.23
    44:18 14.63
    37:40 12.33
    total 5:41:06 111.52

    Split Time Distance
    1 0:40:05 12.14
    2 0:46:26 15.46
    3 0:42:52 14.1
    4 0:43:27 14.23
    5 0:44:18 14.63
    6 0:37:40 12.33
    Summary 5:41:11 111.52

    Actual total of above - 4:14:48 82.89

    TC: Showed the same as GC, except that the summary was the actual total, as calculated above.

    Note that GC and TC both dropped 2 laps, not just 1.

    Another "feature" of all of this is that when I finished the workout, the watch showed the total time (not elapsed time) as 4:58, and the distance at about 98 miles (I didn't note the exact value.) So the watch was not self consistent either.

    I have attached the .FIT file from the activities folder and the .TCX file exported from GC. (Edit - the upload of the TCX file keeps failing...)

    My point of concern is not the difference in how TC and GC interpret the semi-corrupt file, but the fact that the watch freezes to begin with. Let me know if there is any more data that can be of help, or if this is know problem that is being addressed.
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    Mine froze today when I hit the lap button. It didn't immediately respond to pressing the power button while I was running, but I didn't know how to reset it on the fly so I just kind of went back to running, and the next time I looked at it, it was off. At that point I was able to turn it back on and re-start the timer and it seemed to behave normally.

    The data all seems to be pretty much the same, accounting for variations in smoothing. The weird thing is that the map screens in both versions of TC just show a blank between the time the screen froze and when got the watch re-started. The software obviously did some interpolation to get the total distance - although it only credited me with one calorie for .77 mile. The map screen in GC shows an out-and-back route, which is what I did, whereas ST just drew a straight as-the-crow-flies line between one actual recorded position and the next.

    So anyway, you're not the only one with a screen freeze at a lap break. I've got firmware 2.6 BTW.


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      I've had this three times now - twice I haven't been able to upload the data to either GTC or Sporttracks...

      I just write down the data from the watch and do a hard reset...

      Forgot to say there was no BadFitFiles associated with any of these activites...there was a Fit file for tonight's one and I've sent that to Garmin...
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