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    I downloaded my group ride course today and had my watch freeze up several times. I downloaded it off of mapmyride and the course started 3 miles from my house. I met up with the group at my house and started the course. About a half mile in, the watch popped up some alert about a virtual partner being added, then froze up completely. I did a manual reset three times and had to finally stop, pull over, do a manual reset and turn the power off, start it back up and then ride without the course data. Anybody else have this problem?

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    It may be purely a coincidence, but several people on this forum have reported similar issues using courses downloaded from MayMyRide. I would try a course from some other site, before you start troubleshooting issues with the watch.
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      Had a problem with a course downloaded from Deleted the course and all is well. Haven't tried again yet


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        I had also a couple of problems with courses (all done with the FR305), some of them reappeared under the old names after having them renamed in the Training Center, other courses have not been synchronized (or they have been deleted by the FR itself) etc.

        So I've deleted all *.FIT files in the "courses" directory of the "ANT buffer", made an additional sync and it worked

        Hopefully that's it now