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310xt v2.6 and Tanita BC-1000 scale..

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  • 310xt v2.6 and Tanita BC-1000 scale..

    After I updated the firmware on my 310xt to v2.6, I can't connect with my Ant+ Tanita BC-1000 scale. Before the upgrade, it worked just fine. Did the way to connect with the scale change with 2.6? Could you please give me step by step instructions on how to connect the devices. At this point, the scale does not work anymore. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Please follow these steps to pair the scale with your Forerunner 310XT:
    1) Remove your shoes and socks
    2) Ensure user profile is accurate
    3) Ensure HR Monitor ANT + is OFF
    4) Main Menu > Mode > Settings > User Profile
    5) When profile is set, while on profile page, press the Power Button (if backlight is enabled you will need to press the Power button twice)
    6) Device says Weight Scale Detected
    7) Green light blinks on scale and watch says Receiving Data
    8) Need to step on scale while green light is blinking
    9) Weight fills in first, then Hydration % and Body Fat %
    10) Light turns green (no blinking); watch says Done
    11) Press Enter to save data
    12) Plug in Ant Stick, open Ant Agent and transfer data
    13) ANT Agent says Downloading Fitness Data
    14) Sends data directly to Garmin Connect (not GTC)
    15) Login to your GC account and select the Health tab to view the data



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      Thanks Damon,
      I called support and my watch needed a master reset. After the reset the scale worked again.
      I am still a little confused on 5)
      The watch does not have any option to enable or disable backlight. I usually press power and then press "enter" to make the scale work.
      BTW: I didn't find it necessary to disable the HR monitor to make this work.
      All the best,


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        I'm glad to hear it is working again.!

        A better way to word step #5 may be:
        5) When profile is set, while on profile page, press the Power Button (if backlight is on you will need to press the Power button twice). If the backlight is on, you can press POWER twice. Once to turn the backlight off, and a second time to turn it back on.



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          I have three issues: 1) I followed your instructions and it seems I have to sit there and hit the power button a bunch of times until it pairs up.

          2) sometimes after it pairs and finishes, there is no data on the 310XT.

          3) Once it gave me a reading of 4400 lbs which when I updated Garmin Connect has totally messed up my graph. Is there a way to remove data points on the Health tab?


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            For issues 1-2, do you have the latest software on the Forerunner 310XT? You can download the latest version from .

            If you do have the latest software, you may need to reset the Forerunner. Be advised, this may erase all of your user data. To do so, with the unit off , press and hold MODE + POWER until you receive a screen that reads, "Do you really want to erase all user data? Yes/No." Select YES and proceed through the startup menus.

            For issue 3, at this time, there is not a way to remove data from the Health tab.



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              Thank you. Yes, I am on 2.6. Three questions:

              1) If I reset and all my user data is erased, will that effect what I have already loaded up to Garmin Connect and GTC?

              2) Is there any planned fix in order to edit the Health Page? With a data point of 4400 lbs my trending information of 5 to 10 pounds is useless.

              3) Assuming there is not a fix, is there any way to view past data other than graphically?


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                I got the same problem with the wrong weight. I got 5,500 lbs !!!
                That messes the entire graph and there is no way to delete that wrong data. I hope the option to detete/edit data gets added soon.


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                  SKIERZ2 and POSITIVPAU405,

                  When you received the incorrect weight (4,400 lbs and 5,500 lbs) did you see this on the device too, or only in Garmin Connect?

                  SKIERZ2, here are the answers to your questions:

                  1. No, resetting the device will not change or delete any data that is currently in Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center.

                  2. I have not heard officially if or when that will change.

                  3. You can see past data by clicking on the point on the graph. This will display all 9 values that the Tanita BC-1000 platform calculates and displays in Garmin Connect.



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                    I never saw it on the watch. However the watch showed "blank" information a couple times when the scale was "solid green". Meaning, the info didn't get to the watch (Or not properly). All this was before I had to do a full reset of the watch.


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                      I never saw it on the watch either. I got blanks, but thought I maybe the data was still in the watch.


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                        I'm also having the bizarre weight issue. My watch tells me my correct weight, but when it uploads to Garmin Connect, it says 1444.8 *every time*. This is a little disconcerning as I don't feel 1444.8 lbs and it makes all of the health tracking data worthless. I paid a lot of money for this scale / watch and it doesn't work right. What's going on here Garmin? this is clearly a bug as multiple people are reporting it. Please update the community!

                        Thank you!


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                          Same problem here - I'm suddenly the world's fattest man - tipping the scales at 1,448.8 lbs!

                          I've exchanged emails with support - they suggested I wait ~30 seconds after the light flashes before standing on the scales. This worked 1 out of 5 times. The problem is, the trending data is useless as you can't delete the bad entries - plus, it doesn't seem to work consistently.

                          Like everyone, I'm very frustrated as I had high hopes of having all of my data conveniently stored in 1 place (Garmin Connect) for tracking and trending.

                          Let's hope they (Garmin/Tanita) make this right...


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                            For those of you receiving incorrect weights of 4,000 lbs or more, we would like to see the .fit file from your monitoring folder. To locate this folder:

                            In Windows XP: C:\ Drive > Documents and Setting > Your Username > Application Data > GARMIN > Devices > Numbered Folder > Monitoring

                            In Windows Vista: C:\ Drive > Users > Your Username > AppData > Roaming > GARMIN > Devices > Numbered Folder > Monitoring

                            Please locate the .fit file in this folder and attach it to your reply along with the weight that was displayed in Garmin Connect.



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                              Damon, Here is mine. Apparently, it is not 4400 lbs but 1,444 pounds. Still a little more than off.
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