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  • Auto Multisport Mode and Settings

    I noticed that when I tested my "Auto Multisport" mode today for the first time on my 310XT that only the most minimum amount of data is displayed (time elapsed, pace/speed, sport name) and not the fields of data I have under the individual sports (heart rate, avg. pace, etc.). Is there any way to set up Auto Multisport mode on the 310XT so when you're in each of your three sports in this mode you'll get more detailed data?


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    You should be able to see the same screens you normally see when doing the activity you are in. For example, when I'm on the run leg, I see my normal running screen, e.g., time, distance, HR, and when I'm on the bike leg, I usually program speed, distance, and HR.


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      there is an additional screen for the auot Multi sport, it defaults to that screen when you start an Auto Multi Sport workout. Just hit the mode button and you should be able to get to your normal screens.


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        Another Auto Multisport Settings Question


        Does anyone have an answer to a problem I encountered yesterday during a half ironman. Everything went well with timing and data for swim/ride however at exactly the 10km mark into the run my 310XT stopped. It was as if it was set to stop at a certain distance (10km) of which I never set up or realised you could set this up. After much searching this morning I still can't find a setting to adjust this. Any ideas / comments would be greatly appreciated.