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Any way to edit a workout while doing it?

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  • Any way to edit a workout while doing it?

    There have been times when I'm running a preprogrammed workout, but during the workout I want to change the parameters. Is there any way to adjust (say) interval times of an ongoing workout without having to stop the first and start a second one?

    If there isn't, is there any way to mark the two separate workouts as part of the same workout for when the data gets uploaded?


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    At this time there is no way to change the parameters of a without stopping it. Nor is there a way to merge the two workouts in Garmin Connect.

    You can rename the workouts Part 1 and Part 2 and they will be listed next to each other on the dashboard page.

    Using the Calendar function you are now able to manually insert an activity into Garmin Connect, which would allow you to merge the two workouts into one.

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