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GPS not working during swimming with the 310XT

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  • GPS not working during swimming with the 310XT

    Is anyone else having issues with the satellites cutting out during swimming. Originally I had this issue using the Garmin 310XT during lap swimming, I'm not surprised the GPS signal can't keep up during lap swimming with all the laps; however, I have used it 4 times during open water swimming and it never keeps an accurate count of the distance and often the GPS loses acquisition and goes to my preset Auto Pause. The watch is on my wrist which only momentarily goes underwater so I'm not sure why it's having such a hard time. I'm disappointed as this Garmin is supposed to be ideal for triathlon training/racing which includes swimming!

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    Page 21 of the manual says that GPS data may not record during swimming. I think it was well known this is the case. I don't know any consume GPS that works under water.

    I have heard of people wearing the watch under their swim cap during the swim. I think I may try that.


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      Time only during the swim, anything else is a bonus, including heart rate.

      I'm guessing many folk are getting caught out thinking that waterproof means GPS and HR in the swim. Retailers are probably being a little lacking in not telling buyers what the limitations are.


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        You definitely want to disable auto pause while swimming as the GPS lock/swim speeds won't really work very well with this feature. Swimming with the unit on your wrist, the results are spotty, but try it under a swim cap where the unit has a better view of the sats and you can get surprising good results.

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