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Feature Request: Secure Lock

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  • Feature Request: Secure Lock

    Due to the larege investment of cash for the 310xt I would LOVE a lock feature.
    What I mean by this is if I turn it off then turn it back on it asks for a password. If you fail the password it list your contact info to return the watch.
    Obviously if you needed to reset the password there would have to be some sort of confirmation thing set up through Garmin but still it would protect your investment if lost or stolen.
    Just a thought.

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    I see this useful for telephones and PDAs which have personal information and can be used to generate expenses for the owner (long distance calls), but I don't see a benefit for a watch.

    If someone steals the watch and realizes it is not going to be useful to them, they will throw it in the trash.

    Your investment will still be lost.


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      I disagree

      It would help if you lost it and it would also PREVENT theft
      because people that would be interested in them would most likely know there locked and will be of no use if stolen.
      my 2 cents...


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        PDAs and such can be reset back to built-in firmware setup. Are you suggesting the watch should brick itself permanently?
        - Steve

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          The more interesting question I would have would be if you have registered a given device (via serial number) and it's stolen. If that device is then connected to Garmin Connect at some point:

          A) Does Garmin have a way of tracking of a device is listed as stolen
          B) Does Garmin assist police organizations (upon request) in providing IP information?

          I only ask because Microsoft will do this for products like the XBOX, if stolen and a police organization asks Microsoft for information about the device (which has lead to some recoveries). Given the price of most Garmin fitness devices exceeds that of an XBox, it would be pretty nice if so.
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