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Custom HR Zones in Workouts problem

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  • Custom HR Zones in Workouts problem

    I've only used my new FR310XT a couple times but encountered these two problems when using custom workouts exported från GTC (as I usually do).

    - In my workout I specified a custom HR zone (60-75%), but when running, my Forerunner keeps telling me that the heartrate is to low - until I reach about 70%.
    - In the general "workout-view" on the 310XT I see how long on my 2 km warmup I have left, as well as a small text saying that I should keep within 60-75% HR, just as I set it to. But below that my heartrate is shown i BPM!

    I've tried figuring out if my 310XT thinks I should run at 60-75% of my reservHR (maxHR - restingHR), but I don't think so. It doesn't matter what interval i set the HR zone to - my 310 wants me to run harder!

    On my old GF 305 I could set it to always show heartrate in HRMax or BPM. Will this function come to 310 as well?