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Uploading/downloading way points with Map Source

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  • Uploading/downloading way points with Map Source

    With the Edge 705, I can use Map Source to manage my way points. Downloading/Uploading way points this way with the 310XT seems to have no effect. When I download from the 310XT, I don't get the way points I have manually added via the 310XT and the way points I upload to the 310XT don't show up on the map page. Does the 310XT use a different storage mechanism for way points? Also, on the Edge, I get all my tracks if I click on "Receive from device" where as on the 310XT I don't. Anybody know if this should work or if Garmin has plans to fix this?

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    Locations can't be managed on the 310XT like you can manage waypoints on other devices. FWIW, I contacted Garmin support concerning waypoints when I first received my 310. Here is their response:

    The waypoints cannot be sent to Mapsource from the 310XT. I don't know if this is a software update that will be released later. I have forwarded this on as a suggestion to my Supervisor who will then forward it on to the Engineer's determination. However, I can't guarantee that a change in software will be made but we appreciate you sending the request to us.
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