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Auto pause problems adds extra km, time and speed too the trips.

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  • Auto pause problems adds extra km, time and speed too the trips.

    When the 310XT is on auto pause and am i door and the watch i laying on the table the speed can say 32 - 29 km/t and falling down to zero

    Where using auto the distance is way of about 3 to 4% my bike computer says 97 km but Garmin 310XT says 101 km...

    The auto pause function is adding extra km’s to trip and more time!!! Is doing the opposite of what is was supposed to do.

    I Bike messenger and the Auto stop function does not work indoor ! It can measure speeds indoor while and standing still.

    When I stop at a stoplight (good forbid) my normal bike computer has auto stop at 0 km pr. Hour.. It’s stops when I hit the breaks. But Garmin set to auto stop at 7 km pr hour.. It’s still counting the time in up to 15 sec. while I am standing still sometimes adding more speed. Kind of weird (that a bike computer that cost 50$ can work it out that you are standing still but Garmin can’t.

    There is also a lot of miss reading in max speed yesterday I drove over 200 km pr hour (in max speed)

    On my activity map It’s like I am flying and not following the road. A lot a straight lines on the map if you look close these 2 activity. Also on a trip were I haven't been indoors.

    The are no tall buildings in Copenhagen where I live. The watch is on my wrist and I not covered. I road these trips in a t-shirt. I got signal all the time except when I am indoors.

    This maps shows clearly that the auto function do not work… it ads extra time plus it gives straight lines to the maps.

    Is there a setting that can changes these things ?

    I hope some one can help me ?


    Kasper Grufstedt, Denmark, Bike messenger!

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    I think what is happening is that when you go inside, FR will tend to lose signal. Some of the straight lines I noticed on your activity looked like the GPS just lost lock on the satellite and couldn't figure out where you were at the moment. You might want to set your FR to display GPS accuracy and watch that throughout the day. Also, if this is really important to you, leave the 310 on the bike outside, and don't bring it in. Or, you can manually stop the 310 (by pressing the stop button) when you go inside, and then restart it again when you come back outside. However, no matter what you do, before you get back on your bike, check the GPS accuracy to ensure that it's good enough. I think this is what is adding the extra distance, not the autopause.

    As far as the autopause goes, I don't have my 310 in front of me, but on most of the Garmin devices you can set the threshold speed for when it autopauses. On my Edge, I have it set to autopause when it is stopped. You have noticed that you will get some speed reading even if you are standing still. That's normal. There is always a little uncertainty in where you are, so if your position within that uncertainty drifts, the 310 interprets that as motion. That's pretty normal. When I'm mountain biking and I rest my bike against a tree to take a break, I'll hear the autopause cycle off and on a couple of times. However, I don't think that adds any appreciable distance -- as I said, I think this is what is causing your extra distance is poor GPS accuracy from walking inside and outside.