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HR does not maintain connection

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  • HR does not maintain connection

    We have 2 x 310Xts in the house both with heart rate sensors. The devices do not stay locked to their respective sensor. Unlike with the 305s we had, either 310 will detect both HR sensors when switched on. We have to ensure we are separated before starting activities.

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    This is not correct behavior. They should work as your 305s. I would try the following.

    With both units turned off, put on one HRM. Turn on the unit to be paired to that HRM. Go to Settings > Run Settings > Heart Rate > Ant+ HR > Rescan. Allow the unit to pick up your HR and read it for several minutes. Turn the unit off. Then back on and see if it picks up your HR right away without having to Rescan. Turn off the unit.

    Have the other person in your house put on the other HRM. Turn the same unit back on and see if it picks up the proper HR without interference.

    If the above all works ok, take off both HR straps and turn off the unit.

    Wait for several minutes to allow the HR straps to stop transmitting and go to sleep.

    Then repeat the above to pair the second HR strap to the second unit.

    If you continue to have trouble, you will want to report this to Garmin Support as this is not proper behavior.

    I use 2 or 3 different HR straps with 2 or 3 different units and trying to use two straps at the same time and rescan to pair different straps with different units can prove quite challenging sometimes. I've seen the Multiple HR Modules message many times. I've found the best thing is to be as far away from other HR straps when scanning as possible and stay away for several minutes even after pairing appears to be complete.



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      Depending on which exact heart rate straps you have, the radio transmitter will stay enabled for either five or two minutes after you remove the strap from your chest. The HRM1 and HRM1B straps stay on for five minutes. Newer straps stay on for two.

      Are these straps the same ones you used with the 305s? Or did they come with the 310xt?
      It is unlikely (about 1 in 65000 chance) but possible that your two straps use exactly the same ID in their communications with the watch. In that case (and if they're HRM1 or HRM1B straps), remove the battery from one or both straps, and short out the battery contacts inside the HRM strap. This is most easily done by putting the battery into the HRM backwards and making sure that the battery case (the + terminal of the battery) touches both contacts. Then reinstall the battery in its proper orientation and close the battery door. Wait a couple of seconds and then put on the strap and pair the watch with the HRM... make sure you only do this to one HRM at a time.

      The soft strap HRMs have a fixed ID. If it turns out that you have two soft straps with the same ID then you should contact Garmin customer support about exchanging one of the straps.