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310XT won't power on

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  • 310XT won't power on

    Hi Peeps,

    Sorry to hijack this thread - couldnt work out how to start a new one!
    I have a 310XT and has been working and charging fine - until a few days ago when I plugged in into charge and nothing! dead - have even tried by friend's charger so its not that ? any ideas - wont turn on or respond at all now! frustrating!

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    Try a hard reset to see if you can get things working again. Hold down mode while pressing the power button. You will lose all personal data from the device (history, courses, saved locations, workouts, personal info). This will put the unit back to factory defaults. If that doesn't work, your best bet is to contact Garmin support.

    As for starting a new thread:
    Before creating a new thread search the forum to make sure that your issue has not already been addressed. From the main forum index, click on the section in which you would like to start a new thread. In the case Running and Fitness, Forerunner 310XT. Click on the "New Thread" button.
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