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Loading and navigating a route on a 305

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  • Loading and navigating a route on a 305

    I want to use my 305 for navigation (on a bike), and have worked out how to get routes into the .tcx format, and onto the 305.

    But I can only import them as "Courses", and this format doesn't seem to lend itself to navigation. Is there any way to get them on as "Routes" so that I can use the Navigate function?

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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    Do you have a Mapsource program? With the Garmin Mapsource program you can create routes and load them to the device. If you have a program where you get GPX files already with routes you have made then you will only need the basic version of Mapsource.

    Mapsource will also accept GPX files and you can load files to Mapsource and then send them to the 305. They will appear under the navigation feature in the main menu.
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      There are various websites that allow you to create routes. is a popular site that comes to mind and also will allow you to download someone elses route.