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Downloading data older than 1 month

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  • Downloading data older than 1 month

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to download data older than a month in GTC and although it will download the lap times and averages, GTC does not download the GPS data. Is there a way to download the GPS data from those runs?

    PS. I own a FR305 and I'm downloading via USB cable.

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    When the 305's memory starts to fill up, it will delete the GPS data from older runs, and only keep the summary data (overall distance, time, lap times and so on). It sounds as though this may have happened to your older runs.


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      I had totally forgotten that I had asked a question here on this forum, hence the reason for no show. McBadger, thanks for the reply but in my experience the Forerunner repeatedly tells you that your memory is filling up before deleting older data. I've had no warning on my watch so I doubt if this is the case here. Any other suggestions?


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        Not on the FR305 as far as I recall. It just overwrites. That's a great deal better than the 301Xt which just crashes. Never given the 910XT the opportunity; I delete after upload. And that is the best thing to do with the Fr305 too. Saves any problems if you upload after every activity and delete after upload.