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garmin forerunner 210 frozen on power save mode

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  • garmin forerunner 210 frozen on power save mode

    I just bought a garmin forerunner 210, it always frozen once it turns to power save mode. I've done master reset once, but not solved the problem. The watch is brand new, I just received yesterday, havn't register the product yet.

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    Same here. After using my 610 for some time without any problems, i decided to purchase a 210 for my wife. The 210 arrived yesterday, is brand new and seems to have the same problem: as soon as the 210 goes into power save, the forerunner freezes with the screen remaining in it last state. The only way to get it to unfreeze is hold the light button until it switches off.
    Is there anyone who can provide some ideas how this can be resolved?

    Maybe there is something wrong with the firmware, but myDashboard indicates that i have the latest version and i cannot reinstall. Does anyone know a way to force the firmware update?


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      Me too. Someone please find a solution.

      Got excellent service from Garmin South Africa, Mt Edgecombe and the guys I bought it from, Matthew from EasyGIS personally delivered a replacement unit to me the same day I reported the fault.

      I ordered online late Wednesday, received my unit Thursday morning. Reported fault Friday morning and received new replacement Friday afternoon. Happy customer.
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