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Date changed to 2029

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  • Date changed to 2029

    My 401 has become stuck in the year 2029. Time, day and month are fine but how can I reset the date?

    Any ideas?

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    I don't know! My Edge 500 is doing the same.The time shows 1 hour behind and the date is 2029.I have tried deleting the file as recommended in the forum and uploading any updates but it still shows the same.......frustrating when you download to Training centre!!!! Tried phoning Garmin and spent 30 mins listening to recorded messages....c'mon Garmin,what do we do?????


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      My GPSmap 76CS does the same thing. Today 10 Aug 2010 it shows 26 March 2030. The time is correct, only the European summer time is not applied because it thinks it is March not August.

      I contacted Garmin in Germany, they said there is no support for this device.