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Garmin versus G Maps Pedometer

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  • Garmin versus G Maps Pedometer

    Which do you think is more accurate? I've just done what my Garmin 50 (which I have calibrated) said was an 18mile run, but I got back and measured it on G Maps and it said more like 16. How annoying!
    Could it be that with hills etc (there were a couple of steep stretches) G Maps under records over long distances to that extent? I sure hope so!
    Has anyone else found this to be an issue?

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    To really answer this question, you would have to post links to your gmap route and your actual run in Garmin Connect.

    In general, they should agree quite well. I've mapped out a few routes in gmap, and they agree pretty closely with the distance measured on my Garmin.

    Unless you are running up *extremely* steep hills (too steep to actually walk, let alone run), hills shouldn't matter.