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Auto Lapping for Race Organisers

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  • Auto Lapping for Race Organisers

    I think I've mentioned this suggestion on the good ol' days back over at the motionbased forums, but here goes again...

    What if Garmin (or some third party company) developed an ANT+ application/system that consists of senders at each km/mile marker transmitting a lap trigger to each ANT+ capable unit passing by.

    For this to work, there surely has to be a function in the unit software that can use these signals and book the laps accordingly. I also believe that it has to be controlled using some preset code. But that's easy, I guess, since the race organizer can just post some large enough code number for the race in question that users can enter into the unit, and that the senders identify themselves by. Of course the range and direction of the senders should be such that the laps are triggered within some fairly small (rather, shallow, but wide) area.

    This application/system could also, of course, be used permanently along trails should the trail owner choose to use it.
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