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  • Foot pad in Nike+ slot

    One of the things I saw touted about the new foot pod was that it fits into the Nike+ slot in their shoes. It does indeed. However, when installed in the slot, the watch rarely, if ever, picks up the signal. WHen it does it is choppy, and many strides drop out. I then tried it on my shoelaces instead and it seemed to work fine. What gives? Can you use the foot pod in the nike+ slot in the sole of your shoes? I bought the new one because of this and its really annoying that it doesn't actually seem to work in there.

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    I've had the same experience. Seems like the new foot pod still needs to be installed on the laces.


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      Have you tried installing it upside down in the slot?
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        The proper way to install the footpod in the sole of the shoe (Nike or any other brand) is with the Garmin logo down and the flat (battery door) side up. On the laces of the shoe, it goes logo side up and battery side to the laces.

        The wireless performance is somewhat limited by the pod's location under the foot but I've found (in using it with the FR60) that it works fine as long as you don't spend a lot of time holding the watch up to read it, which also puts your wrist between the pod and the watch. If you just start an activity, and periodically check the watch to see how you're doing, then it works. If you hold the watch up and wait for it to pair while you're watching it, it won't.


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          I've used mine with a 405 for a few weeks, no problems really, but yes install upside down in shoe.


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            Looks like it's one of those YMMV deals.

            In my case inside-the-shoe works okay with my FR405 but not with my FR60.

            Also, FWIW, (at least in my case) it will only fit one way inside the shoes. The opening in the Nike soles is beveled around the edges so that if you try to insert the pod with the squared-off side down, it won't fit. You have to insert it with the rounded edges down. (I can't remember whether this is logo up or logo down, but from the posts above it must be logo down.)