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withings VS BC1000

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  • withings VS BC1000

    Anyone tried this or know of anyone who might have?

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    I've got a Withings scale. Love it. My account pulls my weight from the Withings site.

    Would love to see Garmin Connect pull my data as well.


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      Withings Scale

      I have the Tanita scale and the Withings scale. The Withings scale is far superior. It is so much easier to use. I would really like to see Garmin connect interface with the Withings scale.

      Withings is also planning on a blood pressure device. I will get one of those as soon as it is released.



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        Thanks everyone for this info.... looking to buy some scales myself and thought that Tanita was my only real choice.

        I'm thinking that Tanita need to rather worried about the Withings scales! Great price as well.



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          Just thought I'd drop by for an update. I went with the Withings. So far so good. Really easy to use. Got everyone in the family using it, and the scale has auto recognition. So you just stand on it and it knows who it is measuring and updates accordingly. Sucks that I cant sync with Garmin Connect, so I guess I am going to have to make a choice later on down the line.

          I am hoping I can get my 310XT to sync with a different service, one which Withings will support. So if anyone knows of any service out there aside from GC that works with a Garmin?

          I think what I like most about the Withings is that I don't need an ANT stick or a watch on my wrist that is later synced. It just sync automatically through wifi. A much more practical solution.