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405, 405cx or 410?

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  • 405, 405cx or 410?

    I ran my first half marathon last year and am running two more this month. I really want to start tracking my pace and distance more freely. Any suggestions on which garmin would be best? I would like to work up to longer runs such as a full marathon.

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    The 405, 405cx & 410 are all essentially the same watch. The 405cx comes with a HR monitor where it's an option on the other two. The big difference between the 405 & 410 is the touch bezel. The touch sensors on the 405 & 405cx bezel can go crazy if it gets wet due to rain or sweat. Easy solution, set the screens to auto cycle and lock the bezel.

    I have a 405cx, and I am happy with it. I purchased it specifically because it came with the HR monitor, and I have since added the foot pod for indoor running as well as low battery back-up and cadence analysis.

    1. Tons of data at your fingertips.
    2. If your battery is low, you can switch to using just the foot pod mid run to conserve battery and still record your run. I've had to do this a time or two while Ultra Running. The end result is surprisingly accurate.
    3. Light on the wrist.
    4. GPS locks in quickly. I have had no problems running in both large cities (L.A. & Chicago) and wilderness with weak signal (outside Fairbanks, Alaska).
    5. Wireless upload is nice. You must be close to your computer for this to work.
    6. Virtual Partner is nice on race day to make sure you stay on pace.
    7. HRM / Foot Pod end user replaceable battery.
    8. Foot Pod calibration can be done on a track or via GPS and can be "tweaked" for a specific gait if needed.

    1. Battery is closer to 6hrs when using GPS, and 36 hrs using foot pod / HR with the GPS turned off.
    2. Sometimes you have to force the ANT Agent upload. No hard plug-in for pulling info off your watch.
    3. Cannot replace battery in watch without sending it back to Garmin (it's soldered in)
    4. Bezel gets wet and goes haywire causing battery to drain faster. This can be avoided by locking the bezel until your run is done.
    5. Information overload. You can have up to 13 different pieces of information coming at you if you so choose.

    Hope this helps,



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      Thanks Travis I really appreciate the feedback! I ordered and received the 405cx, I'm going to try it this morning but it is really big. Are there any other options out there for women?


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        The 410 also has an improved algorithm for calorie calculation And an improved bezel. The only other difference is cosmetic I believe, ie black watch with a red circle around the display.

        I used to have a 410 and never had any problems with the bezel.