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Discrepency between my 410 and Garmin Connect

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  • Discrepency between my 410 and Garmin Connect

    I've been using my Forerunner 410 for a few months now and noticed that the % heart rate showing on the 410 is of compared to what is uploaded to Garmin Connect. For example, this morning while running in front of a specific spot, the 410 indicated 71% but when I uploaded to Garmin Connect it showed 82% at the exact same spot. Did I setup something wrong?

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    Your heart rate data in your watch and on Garmin Connect might be different. Check the training zones in your Garmin Connect settings, make sure they match whats in your watch.


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      If you are sure your watch has the same settings than you Garmin connect, then can you confirm if you have set-up a "resting heart rate", in Garmin Connect?

      I did set that up and, although I sent it to the watch and, although I can confirm the watch function properly and records the % and zones properly, Garmin Connect simply shows me the data as a percentage of my Maximum HR, not as a percentage of my reserve HR.

      I've been using it for a month and couldn't find if I need to set-up anything.