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    I'm really hoping someone can help me. Is it possible to navigate a course after returning or intersecting the course other than at the start? Is there any way to obtain coordinates from a course if waypoints were not captured?

    I ran a 27+ mile backcountry, off trail marathon on July 13/14 and lost an irreplaceable valuable at approx. mile 12. Repeating the course from the start is not practically possible but I can intersect the course from another closer trailhead. My thought is to retrace the portion where I left the valuable item. If not retracing the course in this manner, is there any way pull coordinates or course off the Garmin 305 then enter them into a handheld Garmin GPS and retrace that way? (Is this the same as exporting GPX or TCX?) I'm not versed in handheld GPS so pardon my questions if they seem fundamental.
    The valuable is irreplaceable and very important. It was lost in timber and complicated rigdelines making it almost impossible to retrace in any other way. Thank you!!

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    If you don't want to re-create the course and run the first 12 miles, I would recommend finding the GPS track point where you think you lost the device, and putting this into a handheld mapping GPS unit (yes, I know some Garmin Forerunners let you navigate to a point, but this is a bit rudimentary).

    The Forerunner 305 records an activity in a tcx file. This is a text file and is pretty easy to read and figure out. Scroll through this file for the 12 mile point (note that the tcx file records in meters, so this will be about 19200 meters) and pull the lat-long from this location. Then you can input this into your mapping device, and use it to navigate to this point. There are other ways of doing this. For example, you could load your tcx file into Google Earth and get the lat-long by viewing your route there.

    Good luck.