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Help moving forward due to discontinued products.

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  • Help moving forward due to discontinued products.

    Hi All, new here so not sure where to post this question....if this is not the right lace then please let me apologise in advance.

    I own a Quest and use Mapsource City Select Europe v7. Have been looking at either upgrading the maps or the unit to Quest II but it appears the they are all now discontinued

    So I am wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions for moving forward. I still want/need some new up-to-date map software as I do a lot of planning on my laptop and then 'send' the wp's to my unit. I do have both the Middle East v2 and North America v4 as well but have used my unlock codes and Garmin no longer allow old units (GPS V) to be removed and newer ones used.....or so the Garmin guy that I spoke to told me.

    Do any of the nuvi units work with mapsource? I need one that works well offroad a lot............any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.