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Which Forerunner for me?

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  • Which Forerunner for me?

    OK, here's the deal. Years ago I had a Forerunner 301. Other than being bulky it had a great battery life and it worked flawlessly.

    I "upgraded" (LOL) to a 405 maybe two years ago and now the battery is dead. To be honest the touch bezel sucks, I hate it. I hate the battery life, and now quite frankly I don't even want to fix it.

    So what is a good alternative to the 405? Basically I use it to track my (supposed-to-be) daily walks, I use the HR monitor, and I upload the data to garminconnect. I like seeing the distance I went, along with the heartrate, and calories burned.

    I don't want the touch bezel anymore, it sucks. I don't want something with a super sucky battery life. And at this point I don't even care if you recommend something that isn't a Garmin product. I have an iPhone, so I'm willing to buy something that hooks into it for data/tracking.

    Ideas?? Suggestions?? Thanks.

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    I like my FR210. It's simple, and can be worn as a daily watch. I also like my FR610, but it's a bit more expensive because of the touch screen and the Ant data transfer. There are other models available that might meet your needs. The Garmin website has a good comparison feature, so start your shopping there.