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    I'm sorry, this probably isn't the right forum section, but I'm a newbee here and to Garmin also and am lost on the basics! The questions:
    1. I just bought an eTrex 30 and can't even find a handheld GPS section to post to in this forum - is there one please?
    2. When using BaseCamp I've zoomed in on a map - how do I zoom out? I've tried pressing the zoom and a -, shift, Ctrl, right clicking the mouse etc. and looked in the index also. Nowehere can I work this out!
    3. I bought a map on a mini SD card, and that works on the eTrex ... and I can see it in BaseCamp. Is there a way of transferring this to the hard drive of the eTrex please?
    4. I tried putting some waypoints on a route yesterday, and I think (hope) I just press the toggle button as I go along to do this. I wanted to see if this had worked and was hoping to see the markers on BaseCamp, but can't (so either I don't know how to, or I haven't marked the waypoints correctly). Can anyone help please?
    5.Is there a 'good way' of making a track? I did a test on MemoryMap and downloaded to the eTrex ok, but following it was all but impossible because I must have put too many (close) waypoints (which obliterated the route). I ended up going back to my Iphone map to see where I was going! Is there a 'best practice' on this?
    Thanks for putting up with me on this, and if there is a more appropriate forum I should be going to please let me know.