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etrex 30 and heart beat monitoring and export to base camp

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  • etrex 30 and heart beat monitoring and export to base camp

    I got the etrex 30 and would like to be able to monitor my heart beat and later while running (I would like to train high intensity interval) to watch it in base camp when I export all the tracks, in the same fashion as I can see speed, altitude, etc.

    I wonder whether this is possible and if there is some accessory for this. Also, if in this situation, the etrex would warn me when I move between some heart beat thresholds, just beeping or in some other way. thanks.

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    To monitor your heart-rate you will need an ant+ compatible chest strap (Garmin have a couple of different ones). I don't think you can set thresholds though as there is no applicable setting for this or data field available, only current heart rate. The eTrex 30 is predominately a navigation tool and not a fitness one. Heart rate should show up in Base Camp afterwards as tracks from my Garmin 310XT show the heart rate on a graph. Hope this helps.



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      ok, then I will better consider a specific pulsometer, thanks!