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Foretrex 301 inop after software 2.6 update

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  • Foretrex 301 inop after software 2.6 update

    I just upgraded firmware software on my Foretrex 301 to latest 2.6 version.
    After upgrade it is not working. After boot it will works fine for a few minutes
    and then beep and switches to some system screen with whole bunch of
    data and there is no way out other then pulling batteries. Only button that
    respond is up button and that only refresh the screen.
    Before the upgrade it works flawlessly for a few years now.
    It looks that I might have to ship it to GARMIN and pay $69.00 to fix it.
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    I have the same issue

    I just updated my foretrex with Basecamp last night and have the same issue. The unit shows the garmin logo, then just shuts off. What's the deal? This unit was rock solid for years and I recommended it heartily. Now it's essentially bricked by this update. I contacted Garmin support and hopefully they respond with a fix.


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      good luck!