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Premium Heart Rate Monitor Trouble

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  • Premium Heart Rate Monitor Trouble

    I have seen many posts regarding some trouble people are having with their Premium Heart Rate Monitor Straps. They range from elevated heart rates, to no reading at all. Trouble shooting steps include anything from replacing the battery to wearing the strap in different locations on the body but I believe I know why the straps are malfunctioning.

    When removing the battery compartment from my strap to clean it I usually pull on the strap to unsnap the unit from the strap. I noticed after doing this once that the base of the snap actually bent to the point that I could feel the edge of the snap against my skin. I began to have the same issues described above. I realized after doing some checking that the electrodes are connected via a ribbon type wire that is interconnected with the snaps and if the wire is damaged it can cause these problems.

    See pictures below with tips for removing this compartment without damaging the electrodes.

    Here are the electrodes and note how they are connected.

    Here is a view of the snap

    See how I am pushing my thumb nail between the snap and the battery compartment? This keeps the strain off of the strap.

    Hopefully this will help people and prevent unintentional damage to the strap.