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    I would like to just hit start on my Garmin 405 without specifying a specific distance or time and then when I finish with the run upload the data to see how far I went, what my mile splits were, etc. Is there a way to do this, or do you have to pick either a goal time or a goal distance? If you do specify a time/distance, does the 405 stop recording when you hit the target? Should I just enter a huge amount that I won't hit?

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    You can easily do what you want without using the additional features of the watch. See page 8 of the manual ("Step 6: Go for a Run!"). That will record and save your history, ready for you to upload to the computer. Be sure that you remember item 4, the reset, after each activity. If you were to go for 2 separate runs without a reset or upload to computer in between, the runs would be combined into a single activity.

    For your one-mile splits, you will also want to use Auto Lap by Distance, set at one-mile intervals. See page 12 of the manual for setting Auto Lap.

    Link to manual in case you need that:


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      Thanks! I guess I got lost in the "simple workouts" settings.