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Garmin Fit App data not uploading

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  • Garmin Fit App data not uploading

    Hi Guys

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I've just download the Garmin Fit App on my Android phone, it works a treat. The only issue is my data does not upload to garmin connect. I do have a device registered in Garmin Connect already it is Garmin FR50. I was wondering because I have a registered device in Garmin Connect this is the reason for my data not being uploaded when using my Android phone?

    I was thinking of removing the Garmin FR50 but as I will be using my Garmin Fit app on my phone.


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    I can't find a Forum for the Garmin Fit app either, so I'll post it here. These are my complaints or places for improvement so far:

    1) It doesn't always upload the activity to Garmin Connect. Strangely every once in awhile it syncs and brings Connect activity down to the phone, but still doesn't upload the missing activities that are on the phone, but not yet on Connect. How in the world do you force them to upload?

    2) I'd like to see the ability to add more data choices to the main screen or at least be able to choose which data field to display. They chose instant pace to display on the first screen, which is a waste because it's too jumpy and delayed to be of any use. This isn't unique to this app and instant pace is a waste of time on most apps and even GPS watches. Instead I'd love to be able to swap that out with lap pace or average pace, which is much more reliable. After you complete your first lap you do get an additional screen showing "avg pace" but I think they mean avg pace on the current lap. They should re-label that as "lap pace." It's also strange that you only get this added screen after you have completed one lap. You almost would rather just hit the lap button 1 second into your run just to get the added screen...kind of klunky.

    3) I have a Motorola Photon, which is already known for excellent signal and GPS, but Garmin Fit in my tests seems to overstate my distance compared to Endomondo and Runkeeper, which are always close to my car/pedometer/web-mapping.


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      I had the same problem, and since this was the first hit on google I thought just I share how I did it here.

      On my android phone, the garmin .fit-files are stored under sdcard(i.e. "My\ files"/All Files)/Android/data/com.garmin...../files/

      You can upload the file manually on -> Upload -> manual upload -> choose file

      My phone (Samsung galaxy mini S2) didn't allow me to navigate
      to the directory in the standard browser. In the end I just mailed
      the file to myself and uploaded it from my mac.

      Please let me know if I'm vague.

      Best regards,
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