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Swimming Differences: 310XT vs. 910XT?

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  • Swimming Differences: 310XT vs. 910XT?

    After doing tons of research, I've decided to either go with the 310XT or 910XT. The decision will be made on one simple point: Swimming.

    About me: I'm a marathon runner who is just starting to look to get into triathlons. No prior experience. Therefore, I'm not too into the details like barometric altimeter and all that. With swimming, I'll most likely swim in lakes and outdoor/indoor pools and will want to know (1) distance, (2) time, (3) pace, and (4) be able to set up distance-themed laps.

    The question: What is the appreciable swimming difference (or any difference for that matter) between the 310XT vs. the 910XT?

    I see that the 310XT tracks your distance/speed for open water swimming (as in I go swimming in a lake)? Does the 910XT do this more accurately? What is the deal with pool laps or hotel pools? Please be patient with me here, I am a total beginner when it comes to swimming. I just don't want to get the 310XT and miss out on some very necessary functionality; or alternatively, get the 910XT for some functioning I'll never use.

    What I do know:
    *The wrist strap of the 910XT appears to be much sturdier than the 310XT
    *I read DC Rainmaker's report, it was informative but a little beyond my comprehension
    *There was an upgrade to the 310XT that now allows for increased functionality of some sort
    *I know the 910XT hasn't been released yet, so some of these answers may be speculative, there will be bugs to be worked out, etc...

    Last, the price difference between my chosen vendors appears to be about $75 between the cheaper 310XT and the more expensive 910XT. To me, this isn't that big of a difference (especially if the 910XT is that much nicer), but it's always nice to spend a little less.

    Thank you so much fitness friends!

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    Huge differences!

    The 910 will apparently give you stroke and lap count in a pool. Not available on the 310

    Open water swim, neither will give you true GPS but calculate it from the very wayward track it records and applies some maths to arrive at a reasonable approximation of the distance - that was the swim upgrade to the 310.

    Also the 910 has a barometric altimeter so altitude gain and loss could be better than the 310.