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  • FootPod

    Hi, I tried footpod with the FR60 and FR610, but it is the same as well as with the new footpod. What is it wrong? During slow run with the 130 heart rate (about 7 mins/km) and with cadence about 85 /min. After about 20 minitues I see (on watches as well as in GTC) that the cadence is falling down from 85 to 60, 40, 0, stay there for about few seconds (sometimes shows not "0" but "---") and after few seconds shows current cadence. During 1 hr run it showes 10-20x "0", but it is wrong, I still run. The most often it is happened during running to hill, but if I run horizontal with the same speed and cadence it doesnot happen.
    Have you any opinion with it? Thank you very much.