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    I used a 305 for 4 years, so I know what's going on.

    I recently purchased the 310 and having trouble with something I had no issue with on the 305. All I want to do is put in distance, and the time I'd like to run that distance. Say 10 miles in 80 minutes, then go to virtual partner and follow the little man.

    That was a simple thing on the 305, but I can't figure out how to do this on the 310.

    I understand I can create a course and do it that way, but that has to many varibles in my opinion. (did I start at the right palce? etc)

    When I had the 305 I could put in the distance and time goal and not worry about the course. If I wanna run a 10K in 43 min, this is the pace you gotta run, and I could glance down at the 305 to see if I was ahead or behind. SImple and effective.

    I must be leaving a step out somewhere, or in the wrong menu. I tried the manual but it wants to take me to course set up.

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    Nice sharing.
    I think if you have not enough time then you should do rope jumping only 20 minutes
    in a day. I think this exercise could be drop your maximum weight in a short period.