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  • Hi all

    Hi all my Steve and this is my first post.

    This was prompted by an advert in my local paper for the 310xt, i looked at the Garmin website and it really wetted my appetite. i then started to look at the range of produces and i got a little lost!! So of course i need to join a forum, contribute and ask for help right?

    I am 50 years old male, ex military and in my day was an ok runner. 2.55 marathon. 1.15 half marathon , 58mins 10 miles ect. Long story short, left army, bad knees, stopped running......................... stopped exercising Therefore over weight and wanting to do something about it.

    I have been doing a bit with my 22 year old son, who is trg so join the Army..... Don't ask. He goes in next week and i want to build on this start. Hence the research on the Garmin range.

    Nothing has changed my knees are still in poor shape and i need to look after them. In my day i ran 30-70 miles a week and obv them days are well gone, but i feel if i am careful that i could do 10-20 a week after build up obv. But to try to keep myself able to train i have stated to mountain bike as well. So i think my knees can be protected a little doing this. I had previously swam a bit too. ( did do a Triathalon once back in the day - but that is a tale in its self!!)

    Sooooooooooooo how can you lovely people help me. I am goner buy a Garmin but which one?

    I love stats. MPH, KPH, dist speed Heart rate any other thing i can aim at and monitor. I love the feature on Garmin connect to relook at runs ect, and compare, i love wireless but am a technophob new things never work for me as they are meant to

    I can afford to but any of the product, bolt ons ect but want to buy the right tool to do the job not just the dearest. In fact the 310xt does look like a beat to carry around!

    Do you lovely people have any advice. I suppose if i have to train in all 3 disciplines ( to save knees) then the waterproof feature is key? I do not want to chase technology, i .e get it as right as i can and then keep it to get value out of it.

    I read about buying new maps to use the Garmin connect features to there best ??

    Also on this site there does not seem to be a lot traffic on sharing experiences ect, or have i not found these threads yet?

    Please help quick, coz i wanna buy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

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    Welcome back to running! And welcome to the forum. The Garmin site has some very good comparison data that might help you decide. You'll really like the 310xt. I have to say though that with the F305 being heavily discounted, you might compare features between those 2 and see if the added benefits are worth the 100% price increase. But as you say, money is not a problem, so might not matter to you. If you plan on using it for running biking and swimming, the waterproof feature is a huge plus. Although it is waterproof, the GPS tracking while swimming is not very good.

    Some links for you:
    Product Comparison
    310xt First Impressions

    Feel free to post any questions or comments you may have about your purchase and your training.
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      TY for the reply.

      I think that the simmimg is well down the pecking order, so might push me one way or another.

      I Just felt that the 310xt looked a little bulky. And in fact i might look like a pretentious K**** splashing around in arms bands in my local pool .

      Thanks for the links.