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Map your run routes and let you friends challenge them

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  • Map your run routes and let you friends challenge them


    I have developed a web based application for runners that run with Garmin Forerunner GPS watches. I am asking runners to log some ‘known’ routes in their area for others to challenge.

    The premise behind the application is that somebody lays down a route using their Garmin Forerunner, then friends and club members can challenge that route for ‘bragging rights’ of being faster than his/her friends on a particular route.

    Once runners have added runs from their Garmin, they can compare it to other runs completed on that route using our interactive playback tool, here is an example of this: Compare Runs Demo

    This demo also shows the analysis data that links to a run (Click on the ‘analyse’ link for each runner), mouse over any part of the run or the lap markers for stats.

    In addition, mookers offers the following features:
    • A Facebook style wall for runners to connect with friends.
    • Automatically recognises if you have run on a route already in the system.
    • Load private routes or just add a run for analysis purposes.
    • Review your training by week, month, year or custom dates.
    • Connect with friends in your area.

    You can view more of our key features on our website at

    Mookers is completely free to use, and will remain that way.

    If you have any questions about this, or would like a walk through, please do not hesitate to contact me at