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  • Interval lap time display

    Hi, this is probably a very simple question but made hard given I'm in New Zealand and the Garmin Forerunner range is hard to find in any retail stores.

    I am a simple runner and have only just started using the 210 for interval training. As far as I am aware it is not possible to view the elapsed time for individual intervals while running them? I am only able to see the distance left, e.g. 800m out of a 1km interval and the number of intervals to go, along with current pace and total distance covered in the workout. Not the current elapsed time for that specific interval.

    Which Forerunner watches allow the current elapsed interval time to be displayed while working out? I like to see how much time each interval is taking while working out, e.g. I will glance at my watch a few times each interval to see if I'm on track with my target time.

    Any help given would be much appreciated as I can't actually try any other watches out. If it's possible to view the current lap times with my 210 while in the interval training mode I would be very happy.