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Issue with alert on Forerunner 205

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  • Issue with alert on Forerunner 205

    I have 2 forerunner 205's. My newest one, had a feature which I really liked, which was when an alert came on telling me I had reached a mile it would beep, AND flash the pace per mile of the last mile. It has since crashed and needed the most recent upgrade of software and chipset. Now it works fine, but doesnt flash the last pace/ mile info like the last version of software did. I have the unit set to alert at the mile mark, but I dont see anything in the unit or the manual that allows me to set that feature. Was that an undocumented feature of that version of software (I cant remember which it was) or am I missing something. Any super users or engineers of the device out there?

    thanks in advace...


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    You need to turn on autolap and set it to autolap by distance. See page 14 of the user manual:


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      Thanx. I have autolap on. It marks my laps each mile. My issue, is that in previous version of the software, in addition to beeping, and marking the lap as one mile, it used to also flash the pace of the last mile (in min/mile). Is that something that is programable or was that just a feature that was in a previous version of the units software


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        figured it out

        I figured it out in case anyone else on the planet earth cares about this. If you shut off the distance alert, and turn on auto lap, the unit will flash the time of the last auto lap distance.

        So, if you set it at 1 mile, it will give you the time you ran your last mile. If you have the distance alert set, it overrides the auto lap and you dont get that data. Also, if you set auto lap to some other distance, it will give you the time of that distance, if you want to know, for instance, how fast your running each half mile or 5k or whatever.

        This information should be in the manual since its a very cool feature.