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Colorado 300 - Time to Destination, Distance to Destination, ETA At Destination

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  • Colorado 300 - Time to Destination, Distance to Destination, ETA At Destination

    Software Version 3.50
    These data - Time To Destination, Distance To Destination, ETA At Destination seem to be calculated in some strange way. Time To Destination and Distance To Destionation when selected as fields show the increasing instead of decreasing values in time. These data seems to be correct just in the moment of inquiry. ETA At Destination seems to be even worse - e.g. there is 13:30 and there is 4 km to destination - ETA At Destination shows 13:36 - in spite of setting Calculate Routes for Pedestrian. ETA At Destination seems to be badly wrong even in the moment of inquiry.
    Restarting or even reseting Colorado does not help.

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    I see different picture instead of the photo

    It is true that BC 3.1.3 duplicates the geotagged photos in my case in the temporary folder
    c:\Documents and Settings\Frantisek Severa\Application Data\GARMIN\BaseCamp\GeotaggedPhotos\

    I say "the duplicates" because in reality both the photos in the original folder (location of photos to geotag) as well the photos in the above temporary folder are being geotagged.

    I say "the temporary folder" because during the geotagging of the next series of photos, the content of the ...GeotaggedPhotos folder is deleted and overwritten with a new series of geotagged photos

    3. Double clicking on the thumbnail in the waypoint-like photo does not display the full view of the original photo but instead the data that can be seen at the attached jpg file (see Picture 1.jpg)

    I attach also the saved gpx file of the two geotagged photos for your investigations (see Maly Dunaj PHOTO.gpx).
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