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Help me choose a Garmin for a runner, please.

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  • Help me choose a Garmin for a runner, please.

    My daughter is a runner, and she currently uses a Nike unit to record her workouts. I'm a cyclist, and I use a Garmin Edge 705.

    I thought a nice running-oriented Garmin unit might make a nice Christmas present. But I have no idea which unit would make the most sense for her. (I don't even know what the Nike unit measures.)

    She runs 2 - 3 times a week, runs from 3 - 9 miles at a time, and is near 600 miles for this year. We live in Southern California.

    If you can provide me some guidance, I'd appreciate it. If I need to supply more information, I'll try to do so.


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    Bells & Whistles...thats what I ask people, how many do you want? With that said you can't go wrong with the good ole' Forerunner 305, it'll do everything & the price is right.

    If shes the type to be concerned about 'size'...I'd go for either the 110 (SUPER BASIC), 210, or even the FR60 if your willing to forgoe GPS...

    FR60 doesn't utilize GPS but its probably one of the better things GARMIN has out now:

    -Great HRM.
    -Distance/Pace using GARMINS footpod (accelerometer)
    -Coin-cell Battery
    -Interval timer


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      The 310xt is a good choice for people who want to get immersed in all the data, customize the screens, but don't want something they can wear as a regular watch.

      The 410 has a smaller form factor and doesn't look as geeky as the 310xt. It is fairly customizable with some bells and whistles. It also has a touch bezel.

      The 210 and 110 are basic units, but that's not's bad: their intent is to be simple and easy to use. For people who just want to press a button and go, these might be a good choice. These can also be worn as a daily watch.

      Then there are legacy units. The 305 is still available and is inexpensive and reliable.


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        I am a starting runner and use the FR110. It shows all I need. HR, Speed, Pace, distance and on-line I can see where I've been running. But it all depends an what your daughter needs.
        Running is fun


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          well? What did santa bring her?