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  • Do I need a Footpod

    I'm completely new to the Garmin Watch world and am about to buy one, but I keep seeing info about the Footpod. I seem to find a straight answer on what the footpod does and if it's necessary. I'm getting the 405cx. Thanks!

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    A footpod will allow you to record your running cadence i.e. how fast you are moving your legs. A footpod can also be used to measure the distance you run if you are indoors on a treadmill or outside where there is no GPS coverage.


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      The 405cx has GPS so you will be able to record distance and pace using the GPS without a footpod. The reasons that you might consider a footpod include:

      1. If you do a lot of training indoors, on a treadmill or in areas where the GPS signal is week (e.g. trail runs in forests). By using a footpod you will get reliable distance and pace data.
      2. If measuring your running cadence is important to you. The footpod will do this, the 405cx without footpod can not.
      3. If having an accurate current pace is high priority. The current pace from GPS can be a little erratic at times. The current pace from a footpod is more accurate.

      When I bought my 405 I decided to give it a go and then decide if I needed a footpod. After 18 months I still haven't felt the need to purchase a footpod.


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        While in theory a footpod can give you more accurate pace data (and we the main reason I bought one) my experience with the Garmin footpod is that it is a complete waste of money.

        I bought mine 3 months ago and I'm on my second one already. It works for a few weeks and then just gives completely inaccurate pace information. For example, I did a recovery jog today with an average pace of around 5:25 /km. With the exception of about 5 seconds, my 310XT linked to the footpod was telling me my pace was 1:47 to 1:52/km (that's around 11 second 100m pace). This is exactly what the previous one did.

        While the cadence information is of interest, the pace data is unreliable.