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  • Best Forerunner Model For Kayaking

    Hi, i'm interested in buying a buying a forerunner watch for my kayaking training... can anyone recommend the best model for kayaking? i was thinking of either the 405 or 405cx but i heard the touch buttons are extremely sensitive... like if water droplets splash on it the display will just reset... is this true? i do mainly sprint kayaking and I DO NOT need water proof watch. Water resistant will be more then sufficient. The watch will not be fully submerged in water but water droplets will definitely hit the watch.

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    The touch sensitive bezel is difficult (impossible?!) to use when wet, so that can make reviewing your data at the end of your session/event difficult until you can dry your hands and the watch.

    I have used my 405 for outrigger canoe paddling a couple of times and found it did the trick OK. You can lock the bezel and this stops the water splashes from changing the display or causing any other unexpected behaviour. With the bezel locked there are some functions that you can't access, but I guess while you are paddling a kayak you don't really have a spare hand for much button pushing anyway! I just turned the GPS on then put the watch into Training mode then locked the bezel before hitting the water. You can still start and stop the timer by using the start/stop button and record splits by pushing the lap button. The thing I like about the 405 is that it is a bit smaller than some of the other options so is less bulky on the wrist.

    I would recommend getting into a shop and getting your hands on one to try out. Some people love the bezel navigation system and others hate it. Best to play with one and see what you think. FWIW I have had a 405 for just over a year now and find it does everything I want it to do.


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      hmm... thx for the input!! a couple more qns tho... can the 405 display current pace speed and time elapsed all at the same time?

      also do u use ur 405 as ur normal everyday watch? since it's shaped like a normal watch... and it can tell the time of the day also right? haha.. wat's the batt life like if i disable the gps function? assuming i use like 2 hrs of gps tracking and disable it the rest of the time, can it last a full day?


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        Yes, you can customise which data fields are displayed you could have current pace and time elapsed showing at the same time. You can display up to 3 fields on each screen and can also scroll trough multiple screens if you want to.

        I wear my 405 as a watch on the days that I am training and it is fine. Yep, it can tell the time of day and even the date if you push a button! Battery life is OK. With GPS off I can usually go 10 days or so between charges. At the moment I am recovering from an injury and only running for about 30 minutes 3 times a week, and I can go a week between charges, but I usually top it up while I am at work a bit more often than that. It only takes a couple of hours (maybe 3) to completely charge it from dead empty.