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  • Problems with FR60

    Hi Guys,

    I recently pruchased an FR60 watch. My primary requirement was for it to measure heart rate and calories whilst walking, cross training and general gym work.

    The two problems I have are as follows.

    I have setup the watch to show both fields: heart rate and calories. Whilst the heart rate works the calories counter remains at zero. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong in regards to the calories.

    The 2nd problem relates to pairing the device to the HRM. Whilst it has worked previously it is now not working, stating 'HRM not found'. I have tried resetting the watch, moving away from other devices and replacing the battery.

    This is becoming very frustrating as I was hoping it would complete these functions very simply from out of the box. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


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    I believe you need to give the watch cadance in addition to the heart rate -- either from a foot pod or from the bike sensor.

    The only exception might be if you get a new-leaf test done - but that is only a guess.