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Forerunner or Foretrex?

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  • Forerunner or Foretrex?

    I recently purchased a Foretrex 301 for trekking, primarily for its basic GPS capabilities. I can track my route, upload & download routes from Anquet mapping software. I'm very happy with it. The thing is, I train at the local gym and use a cheap heart rate monitor watch, which I also use while trekking, so that I can train within heart rate zones.

    My feeling is that the Forerunner may have been a better choice because of the integrated heart rate monitor (certain models). I could get a better idea of how I perform when out trekking with one of these.

    If I knew that the Forerunner had the same GPS capabilities as the Foretrex, I'd make the change but the GPS doesn't doesn't get mentioned as much when I read about the Forerunner. Can anyone advise?