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Any recommendations for an 8 yr old

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  • Any recommendations for an 8 yr old

    I use a garmin edge 705 for mtb, but my son has been running track and cross country for about a year and a half now. I want to make sure he's not pushing himself too hard, so was thinking of getting a gps/hr monitor so I could track his activity and keep his coach updated (so she can let me know if he's pushing too hard). I want to make sure he keeps it fun and doesn't burn himself out.

    He's worn my chest strap a few times, but it's a bit too big for him. I guess I could shorten it somehow maybe, but that's another concern as well.

    Less $ is good :-) .


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    unless he's a real gadget freak, I think an 8 year old will be better off without being wired up and looking at numbers and instead of watching numbers on a watch- be attuned to his body and how he feels. My call is that you should introduce him to Borg's Perceived Exertion scale:

    15 Point Scale
    6 - 20% effort
    7 - 30% effort - Very, very light (Rest)
    8 - 40% effort
    9 - 50% effort - Very light - gentle walking
    10 - 55% effort
    11 - 60% effort - Fairly light
    12 - 65% effort
    13 - 70% effort - Somewhat hard - steady pace
    14 - 75% effort
    15 - 80% effort - Hard
    16 - 85% effort
    17 - 90% effort - Very hard
    18 - 95% effort
    19 - 100% effort - Very, very hard
    20 - Exhaustion

    Research (Journal of Sports Sciences, 2002, 20, 873-899) found that there is a correlation between an athlete's rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and their heart rate, lactate levels, %VO2max and breathing rate.

    There's also a 10 point scale if that's simpler for him.

    That said- if he wants something to track his distance and log workouts- get a Nike ipod+. $29. This assumes he has an ipod nano or ipod touch.


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      Thanks, but it's for me to track him, not for him to track him. As a former international athelete I know the perils of over training. I want to make sure he's not pushing it too hard.