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Distance to waypoints on 405CX

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  • Distance to waypoints on 405CX

    Hi, does anybody know if there is a way to display distance to waypoint on a 405CX? I've recently started creating courses with a website which will export a tcx file. I imported this and downloaded it to the watch, unfortunately though it is very difficult to follow on the watch and the navigation arrow changes direction some distance (I guess up to around 30 meters) before I get to the waypoint when I tested it on a known route. The distance to next waypoint would be very useful but all it seems to display is total distance left, and a projected time remaining and actual time remaining... A beep when I get to a waypoint would be useful as well so I know I need to check the watch for the new direction to travel in.

    Also, one other thing, if I miss a waypoint does anyone know if it's possible to let the watch know I don't want to go through that exact point other than stopping and re-do the course?

    I realise it's not a navigation tool but this feature would be great if I could use it for new runs without worrying about trying to figure where I'm going

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    To answer my own question you use Course Points in case anyone is interested


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      OK... fill me in.
      what the heck are "course points"?


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        OK. I know what course points are now.
        I uploaded a course from GPSies into my 405 and ran a 20 miler yesterday. I guess it 'worked' but it sure wasn't helpful. It would only beep that I was off course if I was like 100 meters off, so you really need to be watching that arrow to tell you when to turn. And- you almost need to know that you are supposed to turn, as the arrow jumps around left and right even when you aren't supposed to turn. I didn't find it useful as a directional aide at all.

        perhaps with course points?