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Music Control - Not working with Spotify

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  • Music Control - Not working with Spotify

    Hi, there Gaming community

    I just recently bought two Vivosport watches one for my girlfriend and myself.

    So far we love them, but can't seem to make the music control option work.

    It always opens what I assume is the default music player on our phones (Android) which is "Google play".
    If you disable or uninstall "Google play" the music controller pretends it's no longer connect to your phone
    even though it clearly is and everything else still works.

    I was told there used to be "Default Music Player" option in the Garmin Connect application, but it's no longer there.
    Is there a way to make Spotify my default music player for the Vivosport or somehow tricking it into using Spotify?

    Having Spotify already open still doesn't allow for it to change music, pause it or anything.

    Thank you for your help in advance.