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Bug Report: weekly activity mins don't decrease after activity

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  • Bug Report: weekly activity mins don't decrease after activity

    I did some activity during the week, some walk and run even thou activity mins don't decrease.. they still show 150min (my default).

    what's wrong?

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    Anyone having this issue? I've already tried to contact garmin support ..but no answer


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      Increase or decrease? 150 is the default goal, and any intense activity should give you credit (in minutes) towards that goal. Not sure what you mean by decrease.


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        I've thought about a countdown of minutes of intense activity from 150 to 0 but it's a wrong memory, my fault, sorry!

        My problem is that my vivosport doesn't count (increase) any intense activity.. still 0 minutes of 150.

        Anyone with this issue?


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          You have to get your heart rate into around zone 3 and keep it there for several minutes for intensity minutes to start counting. The display will blink on 0 once you get your HR into the zone and you will get credit after several minutes.


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            I also have this problem. I?ve had Garmin devices for 4 years and they?ve always logged my 2 hours of indoor football as intense minutes yet since the change to the Vivosport it rarely registers anything despite lots of running. I guess it?s down to not being constant running but it should register these minutes as the older devices did. Sometimes it will log minutes when I?m walking the dog which are nowhere near as intense.


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              Problem solved after a "restore defaults" or factory reset as you like to name it.. Now my vivosport started counting my intense activity minute
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